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Search Sources: Seaching the Biology Literature with Medline

Learn how to open, find, and search Medline. Also includes a brief introduction to Medline's MeSH subject headings, aka the Thesaurus.

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Getting the Picture: ArtStor to PowerPoint

Learn how to set up your browser to download files where you want, how to download files from ArtStor, and how to insert them in Power Point presentations.

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Search Sources Part IIIB -- Finding it with Find-It

The Find It button in library databases is the key to finding more material. This tutorial covers what happens when you click it, and why you don't have to restrict to full text any more.

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i-Search Education

No dream job assignment is complete without some education research. Learn how to research the courses, pathways, majors, degrees, and transfer options, that lead to your dream career.

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i-Search Heart and Soul

Put heart and soul into your i-search project and flesh out your sources by searching in the GSU Library's Discover Box. This video shows several search techniques, and a little imagination can…

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i-search Basics Basic Facts

Explore library sources for basic facts about your dream career

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i-search Basics Getting Started

Set up for Part 2 of your i-search paper.

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Better than Making Do

Can you build a curated list of links with Galileo databases? Find out how a librarian at Georgia Stated did it.

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Search Sources -- Part X -- Thesaurus Searching

Learn how to search using a thesaurus or subject heading list. Find thesauri in a variety of databases. Find terms using a thesaurus. Combine thesaurus searches. Combine results from the subject…

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Search Sources -- Part IX -- Empiricals

Information you can count, called empiricals, makes your paper count for more. This video covers how empiricals can support or contradict your argument, how to find empiricals in statistical sources,…

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Search Sources -- Part VIII -- Pro Con Sources

While very few sources have the words pro, advantages, con, or against, in their titles ore subjects, you can search for pro con sources by looking at what your subject effects and trying out…

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Search Sources -- Part VII -- Topic Related Sources

Learn how to find sources that provide background on every day, technical, and literary topics, as well as how to bring topic background up to date by searching for news articles. This is a long…

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Search Sources -- Part VI -- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

If your research project includes local or state news, you probably want to include the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Search Sources -- Part VI explains why and how to search the AJC on its own web…

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Search Sources -- Part V -- JSTOR

If you need more depth or sources in any subject except science, health, technology, or current events, JSTOR is a great choice. This video shows you how to search it, how to find entire ebooks on…

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Search Sources -- Part IV -- Newspapers

Explore the world of newspapers and learn the ins and outs of searching US News Stream, Part of the ProQuest databases News and Newspapers family.Covers using synonyms, advanced searching, word…

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Search Sources -- Part III -- Gale Literature Resource Center

Gale Literature Resource Center is a great place to begin searching a literary topic or finding criticisms. This video shows how to search for specific works and authors, and also how to do a two…

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