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Getting the Picture: ArtStor to PowerPoint

Learn how to set up your browser to download files where you want, how to download files from ArtStor, and how to insert them in Power Point presentations.

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Search Sources -- Part X -- Thesaurus Searching

Learn how to search using a thesaurus or subject heading list. Find thesauri in a variety of databases. Find terms using a thesaurus. Combine thesaurus searches. Combine results from the subject…

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Search Sources -- Part VII -- Topic Related Sources

Learn how to find sources that provide background on every day, technical, and literary topics, as well as how to bring topic background up to date by searching for news articles. This is a long…

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Search Basics -- Part VI -- Resilience

What do you do when a search does not come out as you expect? This video covers looking for synonyms, switching databases, learning terminology and applying them to improve search results.

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Search Basics -- Part IV -- Pearl Searching

One good book chapter or article can lead to improved searching and more relevant material, even if everything else you found is.... Pearl searching (also called citation pearl searching or growing)…

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Search Basics -- Part II -- Formatting Your Search

Learn how to translate your topic into language that retrieves plentiful and specific results by binding a phrase with "quotes" and putting two ideas together with AND.

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