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Ghanaian Stone Song

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New BrightSpace 2018 Tour

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New Assistant Teacher Mission Possible

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New Lead Teacher Mission Possible

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Sorting Through Science

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Cougar Code.mp4

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I Need To Calm Down

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How to Make Discussion Board Posts

For attendees who are required to submit discussion board posts.

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WSO- Using a tablet to make notes

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PEACH Phase 2

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Concepts About Print

This video podcast explains there are foundational print concepts Pre-K children need to learn before they can read. The podcast defines these concepts and explores highly effective ways to teach…

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Science for 2nd Year Leads 2016-17

This science video is for teachers attending training with Best Practices.

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Building a Successful Relationship with Your Co-Teacher

The podcast will help teachers identify barriers to effective communication, select strategies for effective communication, and demonstrate effective communication in problem-solving scenarios.

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Talking with Children Podcast

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How to Check BrightSpace Email DLI

Steps for retrieving certificate confirmation from BrightSpace email account.

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CCS Inspection Prep Webinar

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