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Improve Student Engagement with Möbius

Burton Heaslip DigitalEd Chelsea Abel from DigitalEd shares how Möbius, the most innovative and comprehensive learning platform for STEM in higher…

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Elements for Successful Courses in the Digital Age

Sydney Smith and Ryan Hanifin and With an increasing mix of online, hybrid & in-person course offerings, students are…

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Making Automated Practice Problems with GeoGebra

Thomas Cooper University of North Georgia The presenter will provide links and examples of automated practice problems written with GeoGebra for Calculus and…

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Excel and the Normal Distribution

Amos Darrisaw The normal distribution is the most common distribution in our study of Elementary Statistics. Excel is one of the most common analytical tools in …

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Student Achievement within Reach - Knewton ALTA

Clay Stone and Becky Moening, Wiley, Alta is Knewton's newest product for higher education. Alta is a complete courseware solution that combines Knewton's…

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Academic Help Seeking Behaviors

Ervin J. China Ph.D. and April Crenshaw Georgia State University's Perimeter College and Chattanooga State Community College and …

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Teaching Calculus with Desmos

Dr. Tirtha Timsina In this presentation, Dr. Timsina will show how Desmos can be useful to engage students in calculus. He is will demonstrate examples from Calculus…

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Math in Microlearning

Debra Keen and Vincent Harvey DeVry University and Georgia Institute of Technology and "Whoever wants to understand much must play much." …

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Easy Ways to Make Your Class More Inclusive and Equitable

Keisha BrownPerimeter College at Georgia State Many educators will say that students perform better when they are in a safe environment where they feel welcomed and…

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Math Comes Alive with Desmos and OneNote

Dr. Revathi Narasimhan Associate Professor of Mathematics Presentation on how to incorporate Desmos interactivities and other resources within OneNote.

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Mathematics Teachers' Conceptualizations of Equity in Track Recommendation Discussions

Dr. Pam Liu Georgia State University What criteria are high school teachers using to recommend students for general (low-track) or honors (high-track) level…

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