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CSC 1302 Prof. Service Week 8 (3/1 to 3/8)

Just as a quick correction, Prof. Service describes the call stack in a little more detail in the "Writing a Simple Recursive Method" video. She also shows the illustration of the operation…

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Search Sources -- Part I -- GILFind for Subjects

Learn to search GILFind by subject (keyword), find ebooks from the library's largest supplier, request physical books, and find them by call number.

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Excellence with Excel -- Part II -- Words and Numbers

A bite-size look at how to input numbers, how to make sure you are using numbers rather than text, and how to format numbers, and change text back into numbers.

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Factoring Problems (X Method)

Practice problems for factoring using "X Method" to find all of the factors and solutions of each equation. Here’s the link to the main Learning and Tutoring…

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Math 1401 Problem 8.1.27

Sampling distributions of the sample mean - acceptable level for insect filth

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Lecture Video Section 6.1 (Abbreviated Spring 2019)

In this lecture video, we will discuss how to verify whether a distribution is a discrete probability distributions. We will also discuss how to calculate its mean and standard deviation.

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Math 1401 Question 9.1.35 Sample size for proportions

Calculating the sample size needed for a proportion problem

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