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Riemann Hypothesis

Gabriel Gillott I would like to present the history and ramifications of the Euler-Riemann zeta function and the Riemann Hypothesis.

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Improving De-novo Protein Design Success with a Machine Learning Model

Susan C. Kleinfelter Tr-Rosetta, a machine learning model, was used with Rosetta fastdesign for focused redesign of problem areas in 4000 de-novo protein designs by players of the…

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A Brief Survey of List-Edge-Critical Graphs

Hannah Reavis Advisor: Dr. Joshua Harrelson For a graph G and nonnegative integer k, we say G is a k-list-edge-critical graph if χ′_l (G)> k, but χ′_l (G−e)≤ k for…

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Riemann's Rearrangement Theorem

Garrethe Edge Riemann theorem details an interesting phenomenon among conditionally convergent series. It presents us with the fact that any series of this nature can be rearranged to converge to…

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Design For All- Who is the GSU student?

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